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Pack of 10 Burlap Sacks

Burlap Sack Racing - A Fun Game for All Ages - Sandbaggy.com

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These rugged burlap sacks are made with a thick weave for heavy-duty applications. Our burlap sacks are reinforced on one side for extra durability. These tough, coarsely-woven burlap sacks can be used for so many different applications like building flood barriers, sandbagging, landscaping and construction. Grown from jute plants, burlap sacks are 100% biodegradable, meaning that they decompose on their own. This reduces wastes in our landfills and provides an environmentally friendly solution for preventing floods and erosion

  • DURABLE AND REUSABLE: This burlap sack is made of tightly woven breathable natural fibers and stitched tightly together using a herackle stitching method - allowing the bags to be reusable and extremely strong!
  • SACK RACING FOR ALL AGES: Large burlap bags sacks are perfect for kids as well as adults at field day events at school, parties, and church. The sides are reinforced for additional durability. Wide 24 inch opening makes the bags easy to jump in and out of!
  • PLANTS & TREES: Great for many uses including as a grow bag for plants/vegetables, covering shrubbery & trees from bad weather and frost in the winter and storing metal parts and hardware. Inexpensive solution for keeping your plants in good health!
  • 100% BIODEGRADABLE: Burlap bags are 100% biodegradable, making them more eco-friendly than plastic sandbags. Burlap is made from the skin of the natural jute plant and will completely decompose into the environment at the end of its life. No synthetic materials. No carbon emissions.
  • Now to the nitty gritty details -- If you’re not familiar with burlap, it does have a unique smell. Don’t worry -- if it bothers you, leave the burlap bag outside for 48 hours to allow the bag to air out

In case you were wondering, here's the difference between monofilament bags, regular sandbags and burlap bags:
So monofilament bags are made from polyethylene (which is an extremely heavy duty plastic), allowing the bag to last up to three years under direct sunlight. Our monofilament bags are available in 11" x 48" (available in green), 17" x 27" (available in brown) and 14" x 26" (available in yellow). We recommend someone to use monofilament bags if they do not plan on moving the bags for a couple of years. 

Meanwhile, regular sandbags are made from polypropylene (which is also a plastic), but does not last as long as monofilament bags. Our Sandbaggy sandbags which comes with 1600 UV typically lasts about six months under direct sunlight. Our sandbags are available in 14" x 26" (available in military green, white, beige, and orange), 18" x 30" (available in white) and 25" x 40" (available in white). We recommend someone to use regular sand bags if they are on a limited budget.

Meanwhile, burlap bags are made from strong jute natural fibers. So it is 100% biodegradable. It is perfect for someone who wants to protect the environment by reducing waste. Our Sandbaggy burlap bags are available in 14" x 26", 22" x 36", and 24" x 40." We’ve found that our burlap bags are used to store food, store hardware and metal parts, flood control, and sack racing.

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