9ft U-Shaped Bamboo Pillow Total Body Comfort in Pregnancy Maternity Nursing

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9ft U-Shaped Bamboo Pillow 
9ft:The Comfort U pillow is an absolute must-have item for Pregnant Women.Filled With Soft Memory Foam, the comfort U Body pillow will give complete body support promoting healthy breathing and rejuvenating sleep.
This pillow is not just for pregnancy but can help you sleep if you suffer from pains and arthritis when sleeping.
For people with spinal disorders, the right type of support can be especially important in helping the spine rest comfortably.
We know that life gets messy. The comforts of the pillow can be felt from day one.
Purchase our pillows today and have a good night's slee p. 
Size Chart:
  • 73 X 45 X 46 CM
  • 9ft
Please Note Size is Approx

  • Pillow Outer Cover: High Thread Count Bamboo Cover
  • Pillow Filling: Memory Foam
  • Washing instructions
  • Machine washable at 30°C
  • Can be tumble dry