Forehead Thermometer, Non-Contact Infrared Digital Thermometer, Instant Reading Temperature Measurement Device for Baby Kids and Adults, Indoor and Outdoor

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Operation Steps:
1.Temperature Unit
Operation: Press"▲", it shows your body ℃ data when then screen shows ℃; It shows your body ℉ datawhen the screen shows ℉.
2.Operation mode modify
In standby, press"▼", it shows your body temperature when the screen shows Body “Temp”; it shows the circumstance temperature when the screen shows “HOLD”(You have to exit and try again when it shows “LOG”).
3. Checking the history date
Stand by, press “MODE” for three seconds, it will show “LOG”, Press "▲" or “▼” to check the history date,Press “MODE” for three seconds to exit.

★Display mode: LCD display
★Response time: 1 second
★For People: Unlimited Crowds
★Measurement Method: Non-contact
★Measurement Site: Forehead
★Measuring Distance: 3~5cm
★Measuring Range: Body:32℃~42.2℃ (it shows "Lo" when lower than 32℃; it shows "Hi" when higher than 42℃)
★Memory Array: 32 Units
★Power Supply: DC.3V 1.5W (AAA*2) (NOT Included)
★Item Size: 166X39X40mm
★Item Weight: 68.6g
★Max. Allowable Error: 35℃~42.0℃(±0.2℃); Others(土0.3℃)
★Automatic shut off:30-40 seconds without operation

Warm Tips:
☺Because each thermometer is sold after being tested successfully, it is normal to have a temperature record in the memory.
☺There may be small errors in temperature depending on skin type and thickness.
☺When the indoor temperature is significantly different, the human infrared thermometer should be placed in the room for 10-15 minutes before use.

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