TianXi Tree Swing Hanging Strap - 5ft Swing Straps Outdoor Suspension Accessories Kit, Holds 2200lbs with Stainless Carabiners, Easy Installation, Perfect for Baby/Garden/Toddler Swing (Black)

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Color: Black

Our tree swing hanging straps are made out of industrial grade polyester and can hold up to 2200 lbs.
Polyester is stronger and more durable than Nylon for outdoor use. Sun, rain, snow and freezing temperatures
won't impact our swing hanging straps. The swing hanging straps suspension set also gives you the flexibility to sling them to any branch or pole.

Effortless installation! Hassle-free
1. Lay one strap over a tree branch, metal post, or wood beam.
2. Pull the carabiner end through the other D-ring on the other end.
3. Tighten the strap by pulling down the carabiner end.
4. Repeat steps 1-3 with the second strap.
5. Hook the carabiners to any swing seat, plank, or hammock.
6. Enjoy your swing hanging time!

Packing Include
2 x 5ft hanging swing straps
2 x safety stainless carabiners
2 x different size D-rings
1 x pouch bag

Tree Hanging Strap System will Fit All Types of Tree Swings!
Hammock swing
Baby chair swing
Spinner swing
Web swing
Tire swing
patio swings
porch swings
hanging chairs
baby carrier swings
porch swings
Toddler swings
kids swing for tree
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